Getting Started with WiFinch & Printabots

The WiFinch servo controller comes pre-loaded with a program that allows you to easily control servos over WiFi. The board creates its own network and can be connected to a phone, tablet or PC. Before we start controlling anything, we need to setup some hardware first.

Adding Power and a Servo to the WiFinch

When you open up your WiFinch board it already has a program on it waiting to control servos. All you need to do is add power and a servo. The power can come from a number of different sources.

  • 3 or 4 AA Batteries (School safe option)
  • a 1C, 2C, or 3C Lithium Ion Battery
  • A wall power supply (5v - 14v DC)
  • Even a car battery will work

The power can be connected to the black terminal blocks on the WiFinch board. Make sure the power is connected in the right direction. Usually black goes to the negative and red goes to positive.

Once the power is connected you can test power the board by flipping the toggle switch. A red light should come on. This indicates that everything is wired up correctly. Once the power has been added its time to connect some servos. The WiFinch is compatible with almost all digital type servos. 

Servo wires come in all kinds of different colors. As you can see above the first two servos I grabbed out of the box are completely different. Usually the darkest wire represents ground. This wire needs to be towards the outside of the board. If you hook it up wrong it wont hurt anything so just turn it around. Now you can power on the board. 

Controlling Servos over WiFi from the app

To control the servos we need to install the WiFinch controller first. Unfortunately its not available in the playstore yet but you can download it from this link

With the board powered on first we need to connect to the network that is created by the WiFinch board. Go to your WiFi settings and look for the network.

  • The default network password is 12345678

Once you are connected to the network you can open up the WiFinch Controller app. On the start screen you will see an IP address and a Port. These numbers are the information your device needs to find the WiFinch controller on the new network. You wont need to change them so just click Connect!. A blue light on your board should turn on if you successfully connected. Now you can go to the servo page and start controlling servos!

The Sliders that are on the WiFinch servo control page control the servo over 180 degrees. You can control more than one servo at a time, the App is multi-touch! You can also connect ESC motor controllers to drive a remote control car or some other moving device.


If you enjoyed controlling the WiFinch and you want more of a challenge why not try building one of our Printabots! They are fun robots that are 3D printed and can be controlled by the WiFinch. You can also reprogram the WiFinch to do your bidding.