Bammer: Dual 20 Amp DC Motor Driver

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The Bammer DC high output motor driver can control 2 DC motors from almost any digital electronics platform (i.e. Ardunio, Raspberry Pi, Microchip etc). This drive is great for large robotic platforms that need a bullet proof motor drive system. With many built in protection devices not normally found in motor drivers you can be sure that this driver will not blow under any conditions.

Using accurate current monitoring the motor driver can self govern its current usage to prevent blowing the fuse or using more power than your power supply can handle. Using ultra low resistance MOSFETs this driver needs no cooling to give over 300 Watts of power on each channel. This drive also includes an analog output that gives a voltage based on the current used by each motor. This can be read by the ADC on your micro-controller.


  • 20 Amp RMS continues operation with no cooling for each motor
  • Max 120 Amp pulse for 10 seconds
  • Automotive Fuse protection
  • Over Current chopping protection
  • Direction and PWM inputs for each channel
  • Over current fault LEDs
  • Current monitoring analog output for each motor


Bammer: Dual 10 Amp DC Motor Driver Datasheet (2017)