Education for the 21st Centrury - 3D Printed Robots

Posted by Justin Policarpio on

Welcome to our new website @ Roboteurs!

We have been working a lot behind the scenes on Roboteurs - looking at different products lines and where we really want to focus. Two of our Robot collections got some great reviews from our university and college customers. The ORCA below (Off Road robot with Central Articulation) was a really cool design. It's based off an original moon rover design.

We're completing a batch of LearnBots as well. These were a part of our Table Top Robot collection. These robots mimic industry standard robots. Less cost for the educational institution, and more learning time for the students.

So looking at our new website, you'll notice we have only one product currently up for sale, and it's honestly making us so excited. Roboteurs will be one of the first companies in Canada providing 3D Printed Robots for schools along with educational material for the teachers to use in their classrooms with Print-A-Bot.

We have a bunch of designs ready for everyone, but we're going to be testing it out with our first one, the Print-A-Bot ARM. We're almost done our website for our Print-A-Bot collection. You'll be able to customize your robots, pick different parts, colours, etc. - plus you can decide whether you want us to print the parts, or if you'd like to just print the parts yourself at home.

We've designed the line of Print-A-Bot robots so that event the most basic entry level 3D Printer can produce workable parts.

Let us know what you think of them!

You can check out the robot in our instructional video below.