SlushEngine - Kickstarter - Raspberry Pi Motor Driver

Posted by Justin Policarpio on

Have you every tried to create a Kickstarter campaign in under 24 hours?

Well that's exactly what Reiner and I did on April 16-17, 2015.

We have been working on a stepper motor driver for a collection of delta robots that we built for a university and college here in Ontario. We built ten of them, and in doing so we designed a pretty cool board we're calling the SlushEngine: Model X. The SlushEngine is an advanced motor driver that works with the Raspberry Pi to move stepper motors with precision, speed, and simplicity.

Reiner and I have always talked about doing a Kickstarter, but from what we learned about them online, it takes weeks, if not months, of planning to create a really successful one. Knowing that neither of us had the time to do that, we went ahead and gave ourselves a challenge.

"Let's create a Kickstarter from scratch in under 24 hours"

So we did it. Thursday morning at 11 AM Reiner, myself, and our videographer Scott met up and began planning out our campaign - how much we were willing to make our goal, how much to make each pledge (without losing money), and the entire breakdown of the video.

We picked a pretty great location for the meeting because we ended up doing most of our shots in and around the building. In the end, we created a pretty good video I think, we launched the following Friday (with 1 hour of sleep on my part), and within the first hour we were getting people backing us and looking to get the SlushEngine in the process.

Yesterday (April 21, 2015) we even got a Kickstarter Staff Pick! 

You can check out our video below for the campaign as well as some great media and supporting posts surrounding the Kickstarter online. We definitely love the support from the community and our backers. We can't wait for our next one [^_^] !


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