Kickstarter a Success! AND MAKER FAIRE!!!!

Posted by Justin Policarpio on

Hey Everyone, 

So Reiner and I (Justin) are so stoked that we ran and fulfilled a successful Kickstarter. We successfully raised $14,646 CAD with 69 backers. If you haven't had a chance, check out our Kickstarter page here 

We can't wait to get the SlushEngine in our backers hands, and t-shirts, and stickers, and Raspberry PI's oh my! :D

We will be starting work on the campaign pledges soon, but first...

YUP - That's right, Reiner and I will be heading to California for the 10th Annual Bay Area Maker Faire. We'll actually be there showing everyone our Printabots ( Texas Instruments loves our robot, and so we're actually going to have it demoing in the Texas Instrument Booth at the Faire. We're so pumped!

We'll be sharing everything about the adventure on instagram, so follow us here:

Update soon!!