SlushEngine Lite: Hardware Version 1.18 Updates

Posted by Reiner Schmidt on

Version 1.18 of the SlushEngine Model X Lite comes with some basic changes. After having spent a lot of time with this board and hearing back from our users we have made a few changes. Most of these changes are just to increase the general performance of the board. All of the updates made will not have any effect on the software that will be driving the board.

  • Larger thermal pads added on the bottom to increase cooling
  • DC/DC Buck converter layout improved for better efficiency and thermal performance.
  • Pull-up on Reset line removed
  • Pull-up on Switch removed
  • Power plane size increased by over 50%
  • Motor drivers are now self powering for track reduction
  • ADC Voltage compensation feature removed (no one uses it)

Check out the updates on Github