Connecting the SlushEngine to an Arduino

The SlushEngine can connect to almost any type of micro-controller with a bit of work. This guide will show you step-by-step how to connect and use the Arduino to control the SlushEngine.

Before you get started it is good to have a few jumper wires to connect to the Arduino.

Step #1: Connect the Hardware

Connecting the hardware is quite easy. You just need to connect the Arduino pins listed in the table to the pins on the SlushEngine. Once you are done that, all that there is left to do is software!

Table of pins

Step #2: Install the Software

If you don't have it already installed, you will need to install the Arduino IDE. This software is all that you need to program your Arduino. We also need to add a library to the Arduino software so that it will recognize the SlushEngine. To do this, we first need to download a zip file from Ameyer on Github. This zip file contains drivers for the chips that are on the SlushEngine.

To install the libraries, you first need to unzip the folder. Then you can paste the folder L6470 into the Libraries folder in the Arduino directory (this will be where ever you have the Arduino IDE installed).

Restart the Ardunio IDE and you should now see.