Raspberry Pi 4 ROS & OpenCV Image

Roboteurs is going to be releasing a new product in the near future. This product is an educational product that revolves around ROS, OpenCV and the use of neural networks. Part of the educational expereice we want to offer relies on the Raspberry Pi. The recent release of the Raspberry Pi 4 has brought even more power to the eco system making it the perfect ROS tool to put into a robot. This image will be updated as poeple find issues and as we add more packages to it. Right now we are trying to keep it all to be able to fit on a 16G card. 

During the build we where running out of space. You may find some components missing (only big things like scratch and browsers), but if you have a larger card you can just install whatever you need. 

Included Packages

  • Python 2.7 and 3.7
  • OpenCv (built for Python2.7 and 3.7)
  • ROS Melodic

Advanced Details

  • Python installations are in /usr/lib/pythonX/dist-packages
  • No virtualenv as of yet
  • ROS installed in /opt/ros
  • ROS is sourced in ~/.bashrc
  • ROS build is located in ~/ros_catkin_ws it can be rebuilt with added packages from here

Possible Future Additions

  • Realsense SDK and ROS Support
  • Tensorflow
  • Additonal ROS packages commonly used but not included in base installation


Use win32 Disk Imager or Etcher to install the image as you would with any normal Pi image. 

The user name and password on this image are what you would expect. Please make sure to change them to prevent other poeple from messing with your hard work. 

The directories opencv and opencv_contrib can be delete if not needed. 


We will open a discussion on this on forum.roboteurs.com