SlushEngine Troubleshooting

This guide will go through some of the problems that our users have and that we have encountered while using the SlushEngine. Browse through the questions, and see if you can find an answer to yours. If you are stuck, you can email and we will try and post an answer to your problem.

Q: I get the error "Cannot load spidev"

There are two different causes to this problem. The first is that the spidev library was not installed. See the beginning of the getting started guide to install the library. The other is that you could be using Python 2.7 (Python2) the SlushEngine currently requires that you use Python3.

Q: The motor just vibrates and makes noises

This is cause by incorrect hookup of the stepper motor wires. Switch the wires around or check the product page for the motor to find the correct wiring

Q: The power to the Raspberry Pi from the SlushEngine cuts out

This happens if there is too much of a load on the Raspberry Pi USB ports. The SlushEngine can only provide 2 Amps to the Raspberry Pi. This is enough to power a Wifi dongle, Bluetooth, and a Display. If you have an external hard drive or other load connected it may be to much for the power supply.