SlushEngine: Model X LT Stepper Motor Driver

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This board is a state of the art stepper motor controller and driver for the Raspberry Pi. With its high end driving capabilities it can drive up to 4 steppers at a time. The SlushEngine is also the simplest stepper motor driver to use. With a few lines of Python code you can have a motor spinning in no time. With its easy to use features and advanced control options this board is great for Education, Hobbyists and Engineers alike!

The SlushEngine lets you do cool things like control the amount of current going to the motor or the acceleration and deceleration ramps. The board also can control and remember the position of each stepper motor. Instead of controlling the stepping and speed manually this board will do it for you. Check out the examples below to learn more!

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  • Uses an open source software package that you can modify and change
  • Control 4 Steppers at 5A Max (depending on cooling 3A RMS Typ.)
  • Supply voltage of 9 to 35 Volts D.C.
  • Advanced position and speed control makes software simple
  • Limit switch inputs for each stepper motor
  • 16 additional I/O for expanding your application
  • Real-time stepper position tracking
  • Over Current, over voltage, undervoltage and step skip protection
  • Directly connect the Raspberry Pi with no other hardware needed
  • Lots of sample code to get started
  • Compatible with Arduino, BeagleBone and other Linux computers


SlushEngine: Model X LT Datasheet (2017)

On-line Resources (updated regularly)