SlushEngine: Model D Stepper Motor Driver

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The SlushEngine: Model D is the largest member of the SlushEngine ecosystem. This board uses state of the art motion engine technology that allows for simple and high performance motion integration and prototyping. This version of the SlushEngine can drive 7 stepper motors in total, 3 at 14 Amps and 4 at 5 Amps. The SlushEngine is different from other types of stepper drivers in that instead of toggling step and direction pins you can send it detailed motion commands. These give you control over precision motion, dynamic current settings, speed, acceleration and position monitoring.  

The SlushEngine is the simplest and most integrate Stepper motor solution available for embedded Linux systems. The SlushEngine is designed for pin compatibility with the Raspberry Pi. Just plug in the Raspberry Pi, install the software and motors will start moving. This model is host to other features such as analog IO and Industrial level outputs with PWM capability.

This SlushEngine was designed for use in more complex machines that required many motors to perform multiple tasks. This board can be used to drive our Remix 6 Axis 3D printed robot arm kit or any other device requiring up to 7 stepper motors.

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  • Uses an open source software package that you can modify and change
  • Drives a total of 7 stepper motors
  • Control 4 Steppers at 5A Max (depending on cooling 3A RMS Typ.)
  • Control 3 Steppers at 20A Max (depending on cooling 12A RMS Typ.)
  • Supply voltage of 9 to 35 Volts D.C.
  • Advanced position and speed control makes software simple
  • Limit switch inputs for each stepper motor
  • 8 Industrial Level outputs (6 are PWM capable)
  • 4 Industrial Level inputs (digital or analog)
  • Real-time stepper position tracking
  • Over Current, over voltage, undervoltage and step skip protection
  • Directly connect the Raspberry Pi with no other hardware needed
  • Lots of sample code to get started
  • Compatible with Arduino, BeagleBone and other Linux computers
  • On board hackable MSP430 (Energia)
  • Pluggable terminal blocks for clean motion prototyping

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